Monday, January 27, 2014


 Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I thought that I would begin by showing you the lovely Eloise Baby Sweater that I just finished for my one year old.

 This is a well written pattern and the sweater is a breeze to make. Crocheting only during nap time and a little in the evening I had this done in a little over a week. It was so much fun and she looked adorable in it! She wore it to a large get together with friends and family this weekend.

 I used Encore yarn for the light blue and pink. The edging is my own hand dyed from black walnuts. I was very pleased with the way these colors came together. But, I love blues and pinks with brown! One thing that is not pictured are the buttons.  I took this shot before sewing them on. My oldest son made some buttons from shed deer antlers. They are BEAUTIFUL. I placed two of these on the bodice. I made her sweater a little big (18 mos) so that it would fit next year too. So, instead of putting the buttons vertically on the bodice, I place them horizontal to help it fit around the neck. It works great!

 ~Happy Crocheting~


  1. Very cute! I would love to see the buttons in another post - they sound awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! As I was writing that I realized that I should show the buttons. So, I will get them up soon!


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