Friday, June 19, 2015

When Crocheting Attacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a listener of the Knitmore Girls podcast, you know that they have a segment called "When Knitting Attacks". That is the inspiration for the title of today's post. I was crocheting Allison a little summer dress designed by one of my favorites, Holland Designs. It is a wonderful pattern but the day I went to buy yarn for this (a couple of months ago) something just went wrong. I completely miscalculated. Completely, not even just a little bit. Not just one skein. It was more like half of the dress. Don't ask, I don't know. She used sport weight but doesn't give the yardage. She usually does though. I changed the weight of yarn to worsted and something went awry from there. I have never blundered this big before. I need one of those handy cards that lets you know common amounts of yarn needed for crochet projects. Last week, oblivious to my lack of yarn, I was happily crocheting along for this dress, and thought I was coming to the end. It was one long piece that was to be pleated. I thought the construction was a little odd with the one seam, but I assumed it just went down the back. Then I looked at the pleating instructions. You did pleats the entire way across the fabric. I think the last time that I apparently looked at the pattern was back when I went yarn shopping. (Hmmm, discovering why this went so wrong as I write.) Well, if I did that, this was not going to wrap around her. I then took a good look at the directions. This was the FRONT! Ugh. I was supposed to have made two. That made more sense. I could have set the project down until I got more yarn but I got this yarn from a shop that was 1 and 1/2 hours away. I am also far out in the country so my closest yarn shop is about 40 min. away. I took a look at what I had and if I only did a few pleats in the center of the fabric, it would still wrap around her nicely. So, I carried on making adjustments and put the seam down the back. She loves it and I felt like it was a pretty good save. But, from now on I am triple checking yarn amounts and reading through the pattern sections before I begin! And, maybe another moral to this could be to buy lots and lots of yarn, you know, to be safe! Ah well, here she is wearing it, after a long day out mind you,

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