Friday, August 15, 2014

A Post About a Lot of Things

Okay, here goes all of the projects that have been keeping my hands busy.

I made my own drop spindle. I love it. I have spun on many wonderful drop spindles but they have been lacking in one department or another for me. I like the rim weighted Bossies and Goldings but I like the bottom whorl Anne Grouts. The only thing is I don't like a hook at the top of my shaft. I also like to be able to spin supported like a Russian spindle so I can sit comfortably if I feel like it. All of the spindles I named are excellent spindles but I decided to make one to fit all of my needs/desires. Feeling inspired by the hardworking, simple tools of the spinners in the Andes, I used some polymer clay and shaped my own whorl. It is not perfectly balanced because it is done completely by hand but, it is pretty close. Once your cop of yarn builds up it balances well anyway. It is rim weighted and spins for a very long time. I used a 1/4" dowel cut to 9 " long for the shaft. I put the bottom end in a pencil sharpener and sanded it to get that nice point for spinning supported. I love my new spindle!

  Update on the cap sleeve top. Finished front and halfway done with the back. Can't wait to wear it!

   If you knit too, I casted on for the Anne Shirley Puff Sleeve - Top from Literary Knits by Nikol Lohr. Yep, same gal I rented the Mad Battr' from! (Got all of my batts done by the way!) I love this book. It is full of tastefully designed clothing for men, women and children. I have wanted to make this sweater for a long time. It is top down and seamless.

  And, here is the sock that I have started in the Sock Ease I bought at Tuesday Mornings. It is alright. It splits quite often though when I am inserting my hook. I got it for super cheap so, it's worth it.

  Those are current projects but so much more is going on. We are getting a new angora goat on the farm tomorrow! If you aren't familiar, angoras give us mohair. She is a light brown, our first one with color! I will post pictures of her this weekend.

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