Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MAD BATTR' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Do you remember my earlier post about renting the Mad Battr' from my friend Nikol Lohr? Well, it is here! I have to be honest with you. I love fiber arts but I have not loved the prep of a raw fleece. I don't mind washing but carding has never been a part of the process that I love. Until now. I can't believe this thing! It is the most amazing carder ever! I had an old carder a few years ago and the process of getting the fleece through it was... painful. This carder can handle whatever you throw at it, it is chain driven and easy to crank, and it turns out beautiful batts! Each time I pulled one off, I couldn't believe I made that soft, beautiful batt! I can't wait to experiment with it. Nikol taught me how to make roving with the drum carder as well! I never would have thought of that! I will see if I can record and post some how to videos for carding with the Mad Battr'. When I watched her give me a demo, I couldn't believe how quick and smooth everything went. I wondered if I was going to get it home and want one. I do! Here is a picture of the Mad Battr' at my carding station.

And a picture of a small batt (a little over 2 oz.) and a large batt (over 5 oz.) Also, this is the fleece that I washed using the FSM method.
 And on the crochet side of things, my Cap Sleeve Top is coming along. The front is complete and I am now working on the back. I try to do at least 2 rows a day. Slow and steady wins the race! I also have a pair of socks that I am working on in Sock Ease. Found it in a nice color at Tuesday Mornings. I will put up a post about these soon. And.... my first amigurumi pattern is almost finished!!!!!!!!! More on that later ;)


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