Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kid Crochet!

My son turned 4 earlier this month. His 6 year old sister wanted to make him a gift for his birthday. She loves to crochet like mommy so, we went to her book, Way to Crochet, and picked out the perfect little gift. He needed a little wallet for birthday money and those special quarters that 4 year olds love! So, we sat down together while he napped and crocheted a wallet. Since she is new to crocheting,  here is what I did to really help teach her actual crochet and not just playing around with the hook and yarn (we do this too at other times). She made the beginning chain and I worked the first row into it since that is usually the toughest row to work. We pulled out my row counter and she would click it at the end of each row. She knew how many stitches to make so she would count as she did her row. I would then do the next row to make sure everything was going smooth and to help the project not seem to daunting for her. We had a great time and I found that method to work perfect. It kept her attention and didn't overwhelm her. In no time we had a cute blue wallet. She went to the button jar and picked out the perfect button. I sewed this in place and then we put the little surprise in a gift bag. When birthday party time came he was tickled with his wallet. And, Clara (6 year old) felt great about the gift she made!

We love the book Way to Crochet. It has 20 super kid friendly projects. They are all quick and easy. It starts with very simple things like chain shoe strings and builds up to (simple) back packs and such. I highly recommend it for teaching your kids crochet.

 For the wallet we used Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed. This is a great durable yarn. It is a wool/ cotton blend. We have made toys with this before too. I will post some photos below!

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