Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prairie Wind Cowl

As you can see, I have changed the name of my blog and Etsy shop. Yarn of a Tail and 1 Yarn of a Tail (Etsy) is much more inclusive. I didn't think that I would design anything knit. I love knitting I just felt like there was some sort of a block and I wasn't able to design in knit. But something struck and what do you know, two knit items of my own design popped off of my needles!

I have also developed a fondness for wood needles. Funny how your taste can change. I just love them! I used to think they were slow but now I don't. Maybe my knitting has sped up I don't know. I think they work great and I like the bit of hold they have. I also like that they are natural. I started thinking about the fact that I hold these things for extended amounts of time. Some people have reactions to nickel and aluminum is not good for your brain (Alzheimer link). So, I thought I would give wood a try again and it feels and glides perfect! I am planning a trip to the Yarn Barn this weekend for more wood needles! I have even toyed with the thought of making my own from dowel rods. We'll see.

But, as of right now I have a new crochet cowl pattern that I am releasing in the new shop today! Here is a picture of the Prairie Wind Cowl!

I wanted to make a cowl to help really keep me warm through the cold Kansas winter. This one can hang down a bit too. I didn't want it to be uncomfortably tight but as you can see, it also sits easily around your neck so that it can look cute and do it's job. It is very simple and quick with just single and double crochets. It does use the popcorn stitch which I have provided instructions for (but it is only a bunch of double crochets together, easy peasy).

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