Tuesday, February 17, 2015


  I should have been blogging about this. I will start out with, if you have the money, do it. If you haven't heard of it, it is called Knitcrate. Some wonderful people put together a wonderful package of knitting or crocheting goodness and you receive it once a month or bi monthly. They have lots of different packages to choose from. You can even order it just once to see if you like it. I ordered the three month deal with Christmas money. A tradition I just started and that I intend to keep.   Now for my February Knitcrate! First the yarn!!!!!!!!!!! It is 600 yes, 600 yds of 100% alpaca! The yarn is by Kate Wright Designs. Each yarn I have received is so luxurious and generous, not skimpy. Oh, and the yarn is usually worth more than you pay for the whole package. And, as if that wasn't fun enough, you get a free pattern, coupons for other patterns and from the people who provided goodies for your package. Yes, that is right goodies. I also received a french curve closure for my knit wear by Jul Designs. It is beautiful and fashionable. It's modern. I also received a tin of Bag Balm hand cream. I have received teas and chocolate before too. It is always a fun surprise!

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