Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Oils!

So, I have been interested in essential oils for a long time. I have used them a bit in the past. I actually use lavender when I wash fleece to kill bacteria or other ickies. We have also used it when we milk. We put it on our goats udders after milking so no bacteria gets in. But, I wanted to use them on us!

 I began hearing good things about them from some old friends of ours. They were using Young Living. Then some of our new friends were talking about them. I have been treating our family with herbs for 15 years. People assumed I knew a lot about essential oils and began asking questions. I didn't know much but at this point I wanted to.

 The next thing I knew, a good family friend posted about her new oil kit on facebook. So, I sent her a message and she put me in contact with her daughter-in-law, who was a distributor. I purchased a kit and that is one of the best things I have ever done. I am going to paste a facebook message I recently wrote below.

BEST STUFF EVER!!!!! I had a small spot of poison ivy on my arm. I put one drop of peppermint and one drop of frankincense on the area before bed and it is gone this morning. And then my personal big test came this morning. Sometimes I get debilitating headaches that run through my sinus area. I know the cause and I have been using herbal treatments since Dec. Now, I only get two a month. But when they happen, that is it for the day. Nothing helps. Well, today I woke up with one setting in. I read that a drop of peppermint in a glass of water is a good start to your day so I did that and to my surprise it cut the pain in half almost instantly. So, I ran to my computer and looked up how to use it for headaches. I rubbed it around my sinus area with my fingers and the pain is gone! That has NEVER happened before and I have been dealing with these for seven years now. Also, the lavender I posted about yesterday has cleaned up Allison's diaper rash!!!!!!!!!!

I use a lot of natural things in our care but these are really amazing. They are pure and not synthetic and they contain no fillers. It is just a high concentration of all of the good stuff from plants (layman's terms). They work quicker than anything else I have ever seen. My little kiddos were getting over a cold but had a lingering cough. I rubbed Thieves with a little coconut oil on the bottoms of their feet and it is completely gone! Now I get what the big deal is ;)

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