Friday, March 11, 2016

Painting Haul

 I have really been enjoying painting. I placed an order for more supplies from Jerry's Artarama and my order arrived. I was thrilled! I was excited about my paint and brushes but on top of that they gave me three samples of Soho professional acrylic paints and a voucher for $100 off (with a $160 purchase) in wine from a web site that debuts small winerys! I couldn't believe it!

 I really like Jerry's. I was able to get canvases in bulk. I also ordered System 3 paints by Daler & Rowney. They are student grade but with much higher pigment than most student grade. I did a quick painting the other day to try it out and they work very well along with coming in a HUGE tube! I love my samples of Soho as well. It is so buttery. I think I will order more of it. Something I noticed that is nice about Soho is that all of the paint is priced the same. It's is professional grade and affordable.

  I have been using the Simply Simmons brushes like Cinnamon Cooney recommends and I love them. They really do hold their spring and keep a sharp edge. So, I would also recommend them! I will post a few pictures below of some goodies from my order!

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