Monday, February 12, 2018

Hello! I am finally able to get back to blogging and begin podcasting!!!! I plan to post new videos here to my blog when I do podcasts, vlogs, and tutorials.

 Amber aka the Yarn Hoarder has started a dishcloth along on instagram. It can be crocheted, knit, woven, whichever fiber art you choose. She is making one a week for the year so that she will have many to give at Christmas.

I love this idea and I would like to join in. But I also think I will do my own dishcloth along if you would like to join. Every other week I am going to make a dishcloth from a different crochet stitch, think of it as stretching your crochet muscles! Anyone can join in and do as little or as many as you would like. The Instagram hashtag will be #dishclothsamplerCAL  I plan to have prizes throughout the year for the dishcloth along and you can double dip into mine and Amber's! Double the prizes!!! I will post the video and written instructions below for the first dishcloth!

 Starting chain does not count as first stitch

Ch. 35

Row 1- Turn, work 1 sc in second chain from hook, work 1 sc in each ch across. (34 stitches)

Row 2-Turn, ch1, work 1 sc in each stitch across.

Row 3- Ch 1 work 1 sc in first 2 sc, * 1dc/rf around next 2 sc posts 2 rows below, 1 sc in next 2 sc: repeat from * to end, turn

Row 4- Ch 1, work 1 sc in each stitch across, turn

Row 5- Ch1, work 1 sc in next 2 sc, *1 dc/rf around stem of next dc/rf 2 rows below, 1sc in next 2 sc: repeat from * to end, turn.

Repeat rows 4-5 until desired length. Enjoy!

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