Saturday, July 21, 2018



 I just completed this piece and I couldn’t be happier! The idea was inspired by woven tapestry. I realized that I could add fringe and use it as an element in my artwork too! Why not? The yarn is wool and will felt right in! Only I had the advantage and freedom of needlefelting my “painting”. Adding all of the depth and color I pleased, where I pleased, as I went along!
 At the bottom I was able to needlefelt my fringe directly to my artwork! I can do this because I needlefelt directly into foam. It is my canvas. Foam is sturdy enough to hold 3D elements and fringe. I use at least a 2” deep foam. I can cut it into any shape of canvas that I like as well, giving my piece the rounded top.

 This piece has definitely inspired me to do more using this technique and see where my imagination can take me!

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