Thursday, August 2, 2018

Miraz Cowl Free Pattern

Two of my favorite podcasters, Crochetcakes and Crochet Luna are hosting a CAL! It is the bad boys/girls cal. #srcal2018 on instagram. They each have Ravelry groups with threads for the cal as well. I usually don’t get in on these things in time but this time I did! Yay!

So, for my part I have designed a cowl using Yarn Bee Aspyn. It is a super soft and squishy single ply, bulky weight yarn. The cowl only takes one skein! Actually less than one skein, so it is a quick make! I loved working with it! And the colors absolutely remind me of Narnia and the Telmarines with their dreaded but awesome leader Miraz. My chosen bad boy 😉 Nobody has a cooler accent than a Telmarine!

It is very simple and mainly uses double crochet stitch. (US terms) You simply cross the stitches in the same manner you cable. Don’t let the cable word frighten you, it is just two dc stitches crisscrossed 🙂 I explain below in the pattern!


Yarn~ Yarn Bee Aspyn, 1 skein (141 yds)
Hook~ K~ 6.5mm

Ch 60
Join in round with ss being careful not to twist. 
Rnd 1- sc in first st, pm, sc in each st around
Rnd 2- ss in first st, ch2, dc in each st around
Rnd 3- ss in first st, ch2, 1 dc in second sc from hook, now go back and work 1 dc in first sc, now work 1 dc in fourth sc, now go back and work 1 dc in third sc. Continue in this same manner for entire round forming criss crossed dc’s.
Rnds 4-11- repeat rnd 3
Rnd 12- 1 dc in each st around
Rnd 13- ss in first st, ch1, 1 sc in each st around
Rnd 14- ss in each st around, ss to first st
Cut yarn and weave in ends!

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