Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Drawstring Bag

Do you go into fabric shops and absolutely fall in love with gorgeous fat quarters only to bring them home and put them away in a drawer for a year? I know I did! I used to sew all of the time. But it has been years since I have done any real sewing as crocheting and felting have taken over. But I still adore pretty fabric and I want the pretty fabric!

Well, I figured that a simple drawstring project bag for my crocheting would be better than beautiful fabric shoved in a drawer. So I looked up some tutorials and found this extremely simple one by Purl Soho. This goes together in 20 or 30 minutes. Truly!

You can keep it as is or add a lining like I did! To add a lining just make another bag that is about 1/4 smaller than your outer fabric. You will place your lining down into your bag with wrong sides together. So that you see only the right sides of both. Turn down the top of your lining until it is just under your folded drawstring section for the outer part of the bag. Pin that in place around the fold and stitch around the top of the lining as close to the fold as possible! Still only takes minutes and now you have a very nice and finished bag!

For my drawstring I chose some coordinating yarn from my stash. I cut my yarn 10” longer  than what is called for in the pattern. This is because I braided my yarn. Cut twelve strips of yarn all the same length (whatever is called for in the pattern +10”) separate into two groups of six as you will be making two drawstrings. Tape six pieces of yarn to a table from one end and braid the entire length. Pull up the tape and thread one end onto a large eye yarn (darning) needle. Follow the Purl Soho directions for threading through bag. Now hold the two ends together and wrap a long length of yarn around the top where the two braids meet leaving a 2” tail. Follow the wrapping directions for the top of the tassel from this tutorial. Just the last wrap because yours was constructed differently. Do this for both drawstrings and you are finished!

Now you can snatch up all of the pretty fat quarters and have project bags galore!

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