Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Valentine’s Garland

 A couple of years ago I did a tutorial on crocheting little hearts. Today, I gathered up those little hearts, laid them out in the order I liked and decided to turn them into a garland! Next, I simply crocheted a chain long enough to hang down the sides of my window by about a foot.
 Once everything was ready I strung my little hearts on the chain. This way, I could adjust them to spread apart as much or as little as I wanted. I also steamed them lightly so they would lay nice and flat without curved edges. Mine had been in a drawer all year 😊
 To hang them, I simply draped them over my rod. I say simply but I’m too short and had the help of a kiddo standing on the couch with me lol! To make sure it stayed in place and didn’t slip off, I wrapped the ends around the end of my rod one time and then just let them hang.

Quick and simple! If you make any, tag me on instagram with @acornwillows I would love to see!


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