Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cap-Sleeve Top

One of my current projects that I would like to share with you is the Cap-Sleeve Top by Melissa Jane Hall. It is one of the patterns in Crochet Now. First, the pattern. It is very easy to follow. It's an empire waist style top so the fit is easy and nothing to stress about. The entire top is made up of basic crochet stitches so it is an easy garment for someone who has never crocheted clothing before, or a nice relaxing pattern for an experienced crocheter. Okay, my computer is saying that crocheter isn't a word but I say it is ;) The top itself is light and feminine. Just my style. It is also quick to work up so you will have a new top in no time and the satisfaction of making it yourself. I was working on this when I was out the other day and I was already receiving compliments on it. If you haven't looked at crocheted clothing in years... look again. You will be amazed at how far crochet has come. Light and flowing clothing patterns are coming from brilliant designers everywhere. Now for the yarn! It is 100% cotton Desert Flower by Dark Horse Yarns. This is my first time using this line if yarn. Let me just say that I love it. It is a very soft cotton and the color really pops. It is working up beautifully with this pattern. You can find Dark Horse Yarns quite often in your local yarn shop. I bought mine in Topeka at Yak N' Yarn. Last, the book that the pattern is featured in. I am very happy with my purchase and this top is not the first thing that I have made from the book. I have also made the So Simple Baby Bib, Too Cute Doll and the Broomstick Lace Scarf. This book features 29 projects! They all have great pictures and instructions. A bonus with the book is a DVD that comes with it, showing some of the patterns from the book featured on episodes from Knit and Crochet Now. You can work along with an instructor for a few of the patterns! I will post a couple of pictures below!

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