Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Test Cardigan

Remember the cardigan that I was testing for a crochet designer? It is all finished! It went great, quick and easy. I used my Melissa's Mohair and More hand dyed yarn for the top section of the bodice and then for the skirt and edging I used Berlini Merino Xtra. I made my own buttons for this cardigan. It was a lot fun! I will post a close up of these below. I couldn't use natural light (pouring down rain) so it isn't the clearest picture. I put little pink roses on the chocolate colored buttons. (Love it!) Oh yes, and most importantly it fits Allison (12-18 mo. size) perfect. I will take a shot of her wearing it soon, she is teething right now and not in the mood for her picture to be taken ;P
I posted a link to my Etsy shop but right now it is empty. Not for long though. I just received a shipment of the luxury sock yarn that I dye. This is super soft yarn spun at a British Mill. It takes dye beautifully. I will be dyeing some self striping yarn with long wide sections of color, so that people who crochet their socks, get nice solid stripes too!

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