Monday, July 14, 2014

Whole Fleece Time! (FSM)

Okay, here is part one of processing my Corriedale fleece (the whole fleece) using the FSM. It's simple... First, my supplies. I have a large plastic bin w/lid and a large mesh laundry bag. The bag makes it easier to lift the fleece out of the FSM.
Next, I shook my fleece to rid it of loose dirt and second cuts. Then, I placed my fleece inside of the mesh bag. I filled my bin with filtered water (remember, no tap water) and put the fleece in, gently pressing it down.
Last, pop the lid on! If you live in a Kansas 1890 farm house like me, you might have big old heavy rocks laying around to put on for extra security :) This lid doesn't have to be air tight. It helps to keep unwanted critters out. I found the rocks helpful because the water was pushing the sides of the bin way out making it difficult to get the lid to stay in place. Now... we wait!

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