Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fermented Suint Mix (FSM)

I washed a sample of my Corriedale using the FSM method. I placed a little bit of fleece down in a jar of filtered water (do not use tap water). I then covered the jar and wrapped a towel around it to block out light. I waited 8 days and then I pulled the wool out of the jar. At first, I wasn't sure if there was much of a difference but then I rinsed it. It became a nice clean white! I was soooo pleased! Washing this way is easy! This is a high lanolin fleece so I did a hot scour to remove the rest of the lanoin but that was no big deal. Pretty quick really, because the fleece was already clean at this point. Since this went so well I have decided to keep my fleeces here and process them myself. I have a picker and my friend Nikol Lohr has a bunch of NICE drum carders that you can rent! I will get to give the Mad Batt'r a try!!!!!!!!!! After this fleece I can wash my next one in the same mix. It is mohair so it shouldn't need the hot scour. I will keep this whole process updated on here! Posting some pictures below. Here is the wool in the jar.
Becoming beautiful in the rinse water!
FSM washed wool beside unwashed wool!

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