Thursday, July 24, 2014

FSM Part 3

Well, I pulled my fleece out of the mix yesterday. The fleece is much cleaner so, the mix seems to have done it's job. The only stinker, sometime between now and last fall, someone dismantled my drying rack so I couldn't rinse the way I wanted to. That is okay though, because this was my first fleece going in, which means it is a heavy lanolin fleece. Which means I will be giving it a hot scour because most of it will go through a drum carder. Remember (MAD BATT'R!!!!!!!!!!!) I will post a couple of pictures of the fleece below after being pulled from the FSM and rinsed out a bit. All in all this is a great way to get a fleece clean without having to put much time or effort in. Even the hot scour is easier because the FSM did all of the heavy cleaning! Oh yes, one last thing,I didn't take a photo of the vat of FSM as I was pulling it out, I was a little wet and dirty at that time. If your water ain't pretty, you did it right ;)

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