Monday, July 7, 2014

Picking Back Up

Hello! Well, there has obviously been a long break on the blog. A lot of new things are going on now and the fiber art side of things are picking back up around here. I have had our three angora goats sheared and I have a freshly sheared fleece from my mother-in-law's Corriedales. I am packing these up tonight to send off to Shepherd's Mill for processing. Once these return I will have yarn and roving for the Etsy shop! Planning on placing an order as well for some luxurious sock yarn to dye and post on Etsy as well. Also, I am very excited about some new patterns I am designing. My first ones will be free. As I post these I would love feedback on how easy they are to follow. I have a few special ones that I will affordably list on Etsy. They are a fun and special amigurumi. I will soon be looking for testers for these patterns. Other good news is that Yak & Yarn (local yarn shop) has sold out of my white mohair! Processing more of that now to bring in. She is a new yarn shop so the sales are very exciting for everyone! Hopefully I can get some up on Etsy too. ~Happy Crocheting~

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